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Plymouth Just Celebrated its 150th Anniversary!

In 2017, Plymouth turned 150! If you live here, you already know that this is an amazing community for so many reasons. The local PARC provides residents of all ages with artistic opportunities, and fun shows, while the wonderful local parks make it easy to get outside and play.

One of the best parts of living in Plymouth is the everyday history you’ll find in this charming community. Like many other small towns throughout America, Plymouth was uniquely shaped by our country’s most significant advancements. From the beginning of the railroad to the creation of the automobile, Plymouth has changed and grown along with its country.

To celebrate Plymouth’s birthday, we’re going to take you through a brief history of our unique community.

A Quintessential American Town

American flag.Plymouth was settled in 1825, but officially incorporated in 1867. Some of Plymouth’s settlers came from historic Plymouth, Massachusetts, which is where our Plymouth is thought to have gotten its name.

Over the years, Plymouth has grown with its country. The town’s first meeting was held in a barn, and an election followed soon after. By 1837, the community boasted a church, five stores, a bank, and three taverns.

Plymouth’s first Chief of Police was a man named George Springer, who famously dealt with the community’s crime from 1900 when he began serving as Plymouth’s Deputy Sheriff. He would go on to be appointed the Police Chief in 1918, and would not retire until 1932 when Plymouth officially became a city.

1932: A Big Year for Plymouth

You heard us, Plymouth officially became a city in 1932! With humble beginnings as a township, and then a village, by the 1930s the population had grown to city-size.

As the country changed, so did Plymouth. Crime rose in certain aspects, but more police and first-responder personnel were added to accommodate the growing populace. By the early 2000s, Plymouth’s population grew to over 8,900.

Little City, Big on Charm

Who doesn’t love a small town? You just can’t beat the close-knit community, fantastic local amenities, and highly affordable housing options of Plymouth.

Ready to explore everything this beautiful city has to offer? Let’s get together to discuss your real estate plans. Give us a call today to get started.

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